Most people tend to use socks as a way of making their shoes more comfortable, but one company has designed a pair that can be worn as shoes.

It is made from a super-strong fabric called Dyneema, which is typically used by rock climbers in their ropes and slings, and is 15 times stronger than steel.

The Swiss Barefoot Company has developed FYF socks (pictured) which can be worn instead of shoes. They are woven from a material called Dyneema, which is 15 times stronger than steel. The socks are designed to protect the feet against rocks, sticks and other objects that can injure feet when barefoot

The socks, which are being made by the Swiss Barefoot Company, are designed to fit the wearers feet like a glove, with individual digits for the toes.

They have also been treated to make them resistant to water, while the soles are studded with rubber dots to provide grip on any surface.

They have been designed to help protect athletes feet during a range of sports including running, surfing, diving and even slackline walking. 

The socks are designed to have individual digits for the toes (pictured) so they can provide a better fit and will not move around on the foot when doing a sporting activity

The soles of the socks are studded with rubber dots (pictured) to provide grip when running across slippery surfaces or when trying to stand on wet surfboards, for example

However, much like chain mail, the socks will not protect against sharp objects that can puncture the wearers feet like needles and sea urchin spines.

'We wanted to create a product that helped athletes regain a natural barefoot feeling within their favourite sport.

The company claims the socks are ideal for any sport that would normally be done barefoot, like surfing (pictured) to protect the feet from rocks and any other hard objects that might cause an injury to the feet

The Dyneema material is highly abrasion and tear resistant but it is still vulnerable to punctures from sharp objects like needles and sea urchin spines (left). The socks are made without sewn seams to make them more comfortable to wear (right)

The long chains of molecules that made up the polymers help to transfer load more effectively, giving the material its high strength.

It is now widely used for rigging in yachts and to make equipment for climbers as well as in cut resistant gloves and bow strings.

He added: 'There are many sports where you would like to be barefoot but the risks of being injured are too high so you don’t do it. For example water sports and martial arts, balance and equilibrium is very important.

The company claims the Dyneema material makes the socks highly resistant to tearing and abrasion while still remaining comfortable.

They have also been treated with hydrophobic material to make them water repellent and to help them dry fast.

The company claims to have tested the socks in with a range of sports including rock climbing, surfing, kitesurfing, diving, running and beach volleyball. 

The company cites scientific research where doctors and physicians have spoken about the health benefits of going barefooted.

Research has claimed walking barefooted can help adults with posture and back problems while increasing natural endorphins - or feelings of euphoria - in the brain.

A spokesman for the company said: 'One could walk outside with protective socks that feel like they are not even there.

The socks are treated to be hydrophobic making them water resistant and quick to dry when they do get wet

'The experience comes as close to going barefoot as possible, but protects the foot from cuts and dirt.'

It is now hoping to produce commercially available products in a range of sizes, which will sell for £52 a pair when they go on sale. 

The company claims that the socks can even replace shoes for some sports like running (pictured) as they can encourage a different running technique

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