Continuous Box-Motion Bagger From: Matrix Packaging Machinery

See it at PACK EXPO East. Matrix Packaging Machinery will showcase its Matrix Morpheus, a continuous box-motion bagger that allows users in the packaging and food industries to run a variety of films at faster speeds and with better accuracy. The Morpheus uses a continuous-motion, high-speed jaw system that is unique from other vf/f/s machines, because the film never stops. The jaw system cuts the film and provides just enough dwell time for the three bag seams to properly seal. This innovative feature allows users to achieve higher fill rates and is why the Morpheus is Matrix’s most advanced vertical form fill seal machine. Morpheus is ideal for thinner gauge films used for packaging coffee, snacks, spices, cheeses, dried fruit and other dry products. The Morpheus series offers three different machine types to best meet users’ production requirements: Automatic Capping Machine, Bottle Filling Machine – Shengguan,

Specialty Pharma Co. Offers New Single Doses with Liquid Cup Filling Machine

Download the latest edition of HCP’s Serialization Playbook that will bring you up to date on DQSA/DSCSA, and what it means for your serialization efforts.  Learn More » Manufacturers and regulatory bodies are increasingly looking at the way packaging plays a role in proper dosing of controlled substances. WES Pharma Inc., a Maryland-based specialty pharmaceutical company,manufactures a controlled substance for oral dosage that, until recently, was distributed in 500 mL bottles.WES saw a need in the market to add single-use packaging for the low-viscosity liquid product. “We were originally looking at our options and were planning to outsource the packaging of smaller dosages down to a quantity of 5 mL,” says Rick Ferguson, Director of Manufacturing at WES, which offers research, development, manufacturing and marketing of both OTC and prescription generic products in liquid and solid form. “We went to visit a contract packager where another product was being manufactured and decided that if a machine doesn’t take up much space, it would be ideal to bring packaging in-house,” he says. Floorspace and accuracy were key decision points for WES when they sought a new p...