The Adair County Health Department’s environmental specialist conducts routine and followup inspections of about 140 food establishments in Adair County.

Deficiencies found during inspections are categorized as critical or non-critical. The department defines those as follows:

Critical violations - Violations more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness, or environmental health hazard. These violations must receive immediate action.

Non-critical violations - Items that relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness. Violations are to be corrected as soon as possible, and no later than the next regular inspection or as ordered by the regulatory authority.

The following information has been compiled from Adair County Health Department restaurant inspections conducted July 1 to July 31, 2019.

For a complete list of businesses that receive health inspections, visit the Adair County Health Department’s website. Dairy QueenCritical items: None.Non-critical items: Some grease on the floor below the cook line; Debris in the container used to store ice scoop; No thermometer observed in the soft serve machine – corrected; No thermometer observed in the dessert prep cooler; Food spills in the dessert prep cooler.Domino’s PizzaCritical items: None.Non-critical items: Box of plastic cups stored on the floor of the storage area; Spray bottle on wire shelving is not labeled with contents.McDonald’s (South Baltimore)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: Food debris behind and under equipment on floor; Trash on the floor around drink station; Water and soil on the floor below the dishwasher and the ice machine; Using cup as scoop at the ice bin by soda fountain; Soil on top of the dishwasher.Bright Beginnings Children’s CenterCritical items: None.Non-critical items: Boxes of cereal stored on the floor below shelving.SubwayCritical items: None.Non-critical items: Some debris under the equipment on the floor, along walls and under shelving; Pickles on the floor of the walk-in cooler; Lint on the return air vent on ceiling; Lid left open on the dumpster.To Die ForCritical items: None.Non-critical items: None.DuKum InnCritical items: None.Non-critical items: None.Day’s InnCritical items: Leftover food in the walk-in cooler is not date marked – to be discarded; Bottle cooler at the bar at 50 F – PHF items to be discarded; No chlorine sanitizer detected in the dishwasher.Non-critical items: None.Followup visit (Aug. 8)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: None.WrongDaddy’sCritical items: None.Non-critical items: None.Ruby TuesdayCritical items: No sanitizer detected in wiping cloth bucket – corrected; Salad bar items ranged from 41-49 F – Cottage Cheese (49) was removed.Non-critical items: Crack in the bottom of the under counter refrigerator; Door seal torn on the reach-in freezer; Floor wet in food prep area; Tiles on the floor busted and grout missing in areas; Food debris on the microwave oven shelf; Grease accumulation on the side of fryers.Followup visit (Aug. 7)Critical items: Cottage cheese on the salad bar at 49 F – removed and replaced; Dishwasher is not reaching proper temp to sanitize.Non-critical items: Followup visit (Aug. 16)Critical items: Dishwasher is not reaching proper temp to sanitize – All food contact items to be manually sanitized in sinks until dishwasher corrected.Non-critical items: Water on the floor in the kitchen; Drain to hand sink by ice cream freezer not draining – corrected.Leisure WorldCritical items: None.Non-critical items: Buildup on the soda fountain nozzles; No thermometers observed in the upright freezers; Some trash on the floor between the ice machine and wall; Gap under the exterior door into the skating rink; Spray bottle on counter not labeled with contents.Sunrise VarietyCritical items: None.Non-critical items: None.7th Heaven (Novinger)Critical items: Mouse droppings observed in cabinet below hand sink in pizza prep area; Ordinance: New person-in-charge.  Issued new permit application.Non-critical items: Utensils in the hand wash sink in deli area; Tile busted on the floor in the pizza prep area; Food debris on the ledge in the pizza prep cooler; Debris on the floor in the storage area; Box of styrofoam cups on the floor in the room behind office; Box of ketchup packets stored on the floor in room behind office; No quaternary ammonia test strips available for sanitizer.Followup (July 12)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: None.Casey’s (Baltimore)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: No hand wash sign in the men’s restroom – corrected.Countryside MarketCritical items: Display cooler is at 48 F (41 or less required). – PHF above 41 for 4 hours or more to be discarded.Non-critical items: Spray bottles of sanitizer at the three compartment sink < 50 ppm chlorine; Gap beneath overhead delivery door.Followup (July 31)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: None.Casey’s (Franklin Street)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: None.HyVee GasCritical items: None.Non-critical items: None.Willow BendCritical items: None.Non-critical items: No label on the bulk container by pizza oven; Lid left open on the dumpster.Dollar General (North Baltimore)Critical items: None.Non-critical items: Thermometer not observed in milk/juice cooler; Thermometer not observed in the reach-in freezers.

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