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The most popular and widely-sourced hardware supplies include tape, fasteners, abrasives and scaffolds. Being high in supply on leading B2B site GlobalSources.com and other marketplaces online, how do importers choose the standouts from thousands of products? Here are tips on important features buyers should check:

1. Water or weather resistance in tapes – Whether foam, cloth or paper types, the most important part of a tape is the adhesive. If it sticks well over time even in wet environments and under the sunlight’s UV rays, it has an advantage over others. Many hardware tapes are used outdoors or for sealing water pipes and electric wires.

2. Fastener reinforcement against rust and other damages – Screws, hooks, bolts and nuts are mainly used to hold things together over time so it makes sense they should last long. Their durability not only lies on the material but also on the coating. While a fastener can be made of a strong type of steel, it can still be enhanced or reinforced, against rust or water for instance, by plating it with zinc. Other must-have coatings include galvanized and Dacromet, which also prevent corrosion.

3. Accessibility in scaffolds – Accessibility is safety. If a scaffold allows easy movement of the user, falls can be avoided. Current accessibility trends in scaffolds are ladders and extra platforms. Scaffolds can be climbed easily, like a regular ladder nowadays, and in case the worker using it has to work high-up, the platform acts as a sturdy table.

4. Versatility of abrasives – Abrasives that are good not just for one kind of material are standouts. There are now variants that can be used to polish wood, plastic and even tires. They should also have high hardness ratings for a long life span.

5. Wire stiffness – In wire ropes, stiffness is the ability to hold heavy load without bending or sagging. If a wire is used to secure shipment, used in boats or other heavy-duty applications, it should be able to withstand pulling and the weight of the cargo. Importers must keep the application in mind when choosing wires of various stiffness.

CNBM offers the DSP08YM-1-0111 model, a double-sided PE foam tape. The product is used in the automotive, electronics and construction industries. MOQ is 2,000sqm.

Shanghai Chingway’s CH05029-9396 model is a hardwall hanger hook set that consists of 67 pieces. It can be used to hang maps, lights and pictures of various sizes and weights. Each set goes for $2 to $2.20. MOQ is 2,000 sets.

Hu-buy’s model FL30004 scaffold already has a platform that can handle up to 150kg. Extension height and length are 1,636 and 2,707mm, respectively. When the scaffold is folded, it measures 172x41x15cm.

The model FL30004 grinding wheel from Yili can polish various materials, including tires, wood and plastic. Price is $1.75 to $1.95. MOQ is 1,000 pieces.

Plymouth Yongle’s Electrical Tape-510-1-9819 model can be stretched 120 percent its original size. It is abrasion-, acid-, alkali- and weather-resistant. The tape is quoted at $60 per sqm for an MOQ of 5,000sqm.

Dongguan Xinfu’s model XF-SHBT-054 screw is self-tapping. It is easy to drill. The screw is made of iron and can be zinc-, nickel- or chrome-plated, or black anodized. MOQ is 100,000 pieces.

The SKP1006-1 model from Nanjing Skypro is a hook-and-loop tape strap that is made of eco-friendly PVC. It comes in buyer-specified colors. It goes for $0.16 to $0.18 per meter for an MOQ of 1,000m.

Polished in high carbon, Sino Sources’ model Sino SW-9851 steel wire is durable when used for springs, mattresses and wire ropes. Diameter ranges from 0.2 to 13mm. Price is $400 to $550 per kilogram. MOQ is 10,000kg.

Shanghai Jiumail offers the 07764 model, easy- and fast-to-install plastic fasteners for auto parts. Stem diameter is 13mm and height is 23.2mm. The product is quoted at $0.03 to $0.04 each for an MOQ of 1,000 pieces.

From Tianjin Huayuan, this model HY-HDGW-027 steel wire comes in 0.15 and 0.65mm versions. Tensile strengths are 1.60 290 to 550mPa and 1.60 400 to 550mPa, respectively. The product can be used as mesh or fence.

Capstone Steel’s 9.53mm, 12.7mm, 15.24mm, 11.11mm model is a PC steel strand with a 1,860MPa tensile strength. It is used to reinforce concrete structures.

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